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Usage! on what can i use the icons and 3d renders ?

Basically on any commercial/non-commercial or personal projects!, yes!, you can access this library for free and use it for prints, applications, web-designs, motion graphics, social media posts, illustrations, presentations...etc, you name it!.
read our license and terms beforehand.

what you cannot do is:
1- use the icons and 3d renders without crediting.
2- use the icons/3d renders in a product that focuses on providing the icons as a main service (e.g, add-on, icons library, plug-ins or a pack).
3- you are not authorized to resell, rent, sub-license or distribute any of this site's resources.

Remember to attribute (credit) the site by using "Animated icons/3d models by Grabiconz.com" on your projects.

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